Advancing Equity for Women and Girls in the Arts and Sciences

The Kaleta A. Doolin Foundation (KADF) works to establish a gender-equal world, where women and girls are unhindered in fulfilling their aspirations.  We believe that social and environmental justice will only be achieved when all women and girls have opportunities to provide for themselves and their loved ones in safe and healthy environments. Upon this foundation, we envision equal and fair representation of diverse women and girls in all facets of society, including the arts and sciences.

KADF Grants

Focus Areas

  • Advocating for women and girls
  • Establishing gender equity in the arts and sciences
  • Advancing social and environmental justice

Funding Opportunities

  • Bedrock Grants for continued or on-going work
  • Magma Grants for administering new fellowships
  • Tectonic Grants for new or transformative work

How to Apply

  • Review our Funding Priorities
  • Review our Grantmaking Guidelines and Grant Types
  • Apply online or submit a Letter of Intent