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Grantmaking Guidelines


The Kaleta A. Doolin Foundation (KADF) funds grants and develops partnerships that protect and advocate for women and girls in order to advance social and environmental justice.

We aim to:

  • Protect and care for under-served women and girls
  • Defend women’s health and reproductive rights
  • Foster opportunities for the advancement of women and girls in their education, work, and careers
  • Nurture women leaders who champion social and/or environmental justice
  • Transform historically male-dominated fields, particularly the arts and sciences, to include diverse women and girls

Grantmaking Guidelines

Funding Priorities

  • Education, training, and career development for women and girls in the arts and sciences
  • Health and security of women and girls
  • Exhibitions, publications, and other media focused on art that spurs new thought and propels social and environmental justice
  • Solutions for mitigating the effects of global environmental change on women and girls

Use of Grant Funds

Grants are made to support operating and program/project needs. Grant requests for capacity building, capital projects, and art acquisition will also be considered. Most grants will be awarded for one year in duration, although we may request multi-year proposals from certain organizations from time to time.

Eligibility Exclusions

Grants are awarded only to public charities- and not to individuals or private foundations. Grants will not be provided for support of unsolicited applications, individuals, governmental agencies, deficit financing, religious organizations, or groups which do not have their own 501(c)(3).

Application Procedures

Grant applications are typically reviewed within a month of receipt of the proposal. Grantees with preliminary approval are notified shortly thereafter, at which time additional information may be requested. Upon final approval, grants are typically dispersed within thirty (30) days or as otherwise set forth in the signed agreement.

Types of Grants

Bedrock Grants are awarded to organizations for on-going or continued work, based on prior and demonstratable success or achievement.

Tectonic Grants are awarded to organizations in order to spearhead new, bold, and transformative plans for systemic change.

Magma Grants are awarded to organizations in order to administer predoctoral, postdoctoral, and/or early-career fellowships to support the dynamism of a new generation of creative leaders in the arts and sciences, who will direct efforts toward social and/or environmental justice.

Bedrock Grants

Bedrock Grants

  • Approximately $5000- $25,000 for one year
  • Requires an online application and electronic copies of supporting materials
  • Applications are evaluated quarterly, in February, May, August in November; applications should be received prior to the 5th day of the month for evaluation
Magma Grants

Magma Grants

  • Approximately $250,000 or more
  • Requires a Letter of Intent, and after approval from KADF, an interview and a full, written proposal
  • Evaluated on a rolling-basis
Tectonic Grants

Tectonic Grants

  • Approximately $100,000 per fellowship
  • Requires a Letter of Intent, and after approval from KADF, an interview and a full, written proposal
  • Evaluated on a rolling-basis

Online Application Form

For Bedrock Grant proposals, please submit an application through our online form. For either Tectonic Grant or Magma Grant proposals, please contact us at [email protected] to submit a Letter of Intent.

Please send any questions about funding to [email protected].

Reporting and Other Requirements for Grantees

All grantees are required to submit a final report, and for multi-year grants, annual progress reports are also required.

KADF requests that grant awards are acknowledged in any media, such as printed materials, social media, annual reports as awarded from “The Kaleta A. Doolin Foundation”. In addition, KADF requests copies of any and all major deliverables, such as, but not limited to, representative images, publications, and other media products.

Please send any questions about reporting to [email protected].